CSC attends ASCA’s National Advocacy Day, March 7-8, 2023

By Lenna El-Safwany; March 6, 2023, 02:44 GMT+0000

CSC is thrilled to be attending ASCA’s National Advocacy Day in Washington, DC on March 7 – March 8, 2023.

ASCA’s National Advocacy Day program allows for our physicians and ASCA members to build relationships with the policymakers making the decisions that impact our patients. ASCA schedules a full day of congressional meetings with our local representatives on Capitol Hill.

We encourage all our physicians to attend these events to support our industry and become advocates for our patients and centers.  We are looking forward to meeting with our representatives and their health care industry team to hash out the important issues impacting our providers, patients, and the Santa Cruz County community.

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