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Operation Instructions


At Home Covid-19 Testing Before Your Surgery

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Pre-op Instructions

A day or two before your surgery, or special examination, a member of our staff will call you to review your medical history and to provide you with special instructions related to your visit. Please be sure to ask any questions you may have.


Careful attention to the following instructions will increase your comfort and reduce the possibilities of complications. Failure to comply will cause your surgery to be postponed or cancelled.


•  Do not eat or drink anything including water, chewing gum, and mints after midnight or the time provided by the pre-op Nurse.

•  Refrain from smoking after midnight the night before your surgery.

•  Bathe or shower the morning of surgery to minimize the chance of infection. Please do not apply any lotion or cream to your skin.

•  Remove contacts, make-up, jewelry, and body piercings.

•  Bring a list of all medications and the dosages you are taking.

•  Please arrange for an interpreter to accompany you if you do not speak English. The interpreter should remain until you are discharged.

•  Arrange for an adult to drive you home. For your own safety and protection, you will not be allowed to drive yourself home or take a taxi without a responsible adult to accompany you.

•  Arrange for an adult to stay with you for the first 24 hours at home after surgery.


Pre-operative Checklist

•  Please arrive approximately one hour before your scheduled surgery time to allow for admitting and pre-operative preparation.

•  Bring a list of all medicine and dosages you are currently taking.

•  Bring your photo ID and insurance ID card(s) and co-payment when applicable.

•  Wear something comfortable and loose enough to fit over any dressing that may be applied to your surgical site.

•  Remove your contact lenses but bring your glasses, if needed, to read required consent forms.

•  Please leave all valuables such as jewelry and money at home.

•  Child patients are encouraged to bring a favorite blanket or toy.

•  Family members and friends are welcome to wait in the reception area before and during your procedure. A support person may join you later in the Recovery Room.


If your child is having surgery…

•  Children may be brought in wearing their pajamas.

•  Please bring an empty bottle or sippy cup if your child can’t drink from a cup.

•  Bring extra diapers and an extra change of clothes in case of “accidents”.

•  Feel free to bring a favorite stuffed animal or security blanket for added reassurance.

•  It’s best to have someone along with the driver to help care for your child on the ride home.

•  Parents may remain with their child until surgery and during the recovery process.

•  We request that a parent, or legal guardian, remain on the premises during a child’s procedure.


Post-Op Instructions


After your surgery

•  After your surgery you will be taken to the recovery room where you will be closely observed by our nursing staff.

•  The length of time in surgery and recovery stay depends on the type of surgery and anesthesia you were given. Each patient's response may vary; however, recovery time is usually between 30 minutes to one hour.

•  You must have a family member or other responsible adult drive you home or accompany you in a taxi. Do not use public transportation.

•  Before you leave the Center, you will receive oral and written instructions for your after surgery care.

•  It is our goal at the Monterey Peninsula Surgery Center to exceed our patients' expectations. To ensure that you receive the high quality of care that you expect, we encourage participation in our patient satisfaction survey. And, in appreciation for completing our survey, you will be eligible for our monthly drawing for a gift certificate to a fine Monterey Peninsula restaurant.

•  One to two days after your surgery you will receive a call from a recovery room staff member. Because your complete care is our priority, we want to check your progress and answer any questions you may have following your surgery. Please let us know if you plan to stay at a friend or relative's home after your surgery, so we may have the correct phone number to reach you.

•  Following general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, 24 to 36 hours are required for the full effects of the drugs to wear off.

•  On arrival home, it is common to feel sleepy. Rest quietly at home for the remainder of the day.

•  Lie down if you feel dizzy or light-headed.

•  Drink lots of non-citric juice or non-diet soft drinks for the first 4-6 hours. Light meals are recommended following your operation (i.e. soup, jellos). Avoid milk for at least 24 hours.

•  Avoid alcohol in any form for 48 hours.

•  Resume your normal medications. Avoid for 24 hours, any drugs that may affect your nervous system, apart from your prescribed painkillers.

•  Do not operate motor vehicles, boats, power tools, or machinery for 24 hours.

•  Do not sign or enter into any legal contract for 24 hours.

•  We strongly suggest that a responsible adult be with you for the rest of the day and night.




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