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Why Choose Capitola Surgery Center?


There are many reasons to choose CSC. Due to advanced technology, less invasive surgical techniques, more effective pain medication, and tremendous reductions in the cost of hospital based care, nearly 50% of all outpatient surgeries today are performed in Ambulatory Surgery Centers such as CSC. Our family of surgery centers are among the leading surgery centers in California and The Surgery Center of Choice on the Central Coast.  More outpatient surgical procedures are performed at MPSC and CSC annually (over 20,000) than at any hospital in Monterey County or Santa Cruz County. Increasingly, many complex surgical procedures including spinal surgery, joint replacements, major knee and shoulder repairs are being performed at CSC.


Compared to traditional hospital based surgery there are many advantages to choosing to have your surgery at CSC:


Quality and Safety – Recent independent studies have demonstrated that the chance of serious complications (e.g. infections) resulting in hospitalization is 4 times greater when the outpatient surgical procedure is performed in an acute care setting.


Reduced Cost – CSC charges are frequently 40%-60% less than fees at local hospitals.


No Hidden Fees – CSC will quote you the total facility charge prior to your surgery.


Surgeon Preference – There are over 5 local doctors on our staff who understand the advantages of CSC and recommend us to their patients needing surgery.


Increased Patient Satisfaction – 99% of the patients rate the service at CSC as very good or excellent.

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